Seedling Malabar Spinach Seedlings

Seedling Malabar Spinach

SeedlingAlso known as New Zealand Spinach or Cooks Cabbage. It has a similar flavor to lettuce and..

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Seedling Dwarf Siberian Kale Seedlings

Seedling Dwarf Siberian Kale

SeedlingAs its name suggests, this is a very hardy Russian variety, with stunning frilled leaves. ..

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Seedling Red Express Cabbage Seedlings

Seedling Red Express Cabbage

SeedlingThese are great little cabbages that are perfect for winter planting. Start them in late s..

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Seedling Golden Acre Cabbage Seedlings

Seedling Golden Acre Cabbage

SeedlingOne of the earliest varieties that we stock. Small to medium sized heads, allowing you to ..

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Seedling Green Express Cabbage Seedlings

Seedling Green Express Cabbage

SeedlingA  "minature" cabbage which has a deliciously mild flavour and a lovely crisp texture. ..

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Seedling Spring Rapini Broccoli Seedlings

Seedling Spring Rapini Broccoli

SeedlingThis is a great warm season tender-stem broccoli. Does well in South Africa with our mild ..

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Drip Irrigation Kit (60 Sqm)

Drip Irrigation Kit (60 Sqm)

Looking to start with drip irrigation, but don't know what you need and how much of it? With the ..

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Jiffy-7® Plugs 41mm  Garden Supplies

Jiffy-7® Plugs 41mm

41mm Jiffy-7® Plugs. Add water and these awesome plugs expand 7x in just a few minutes. They ma..

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Witsa Beans Vegetable Seeds

Witsa Beans

Phaseolus vulgarisReleased in 1964. Witsa bean is a South African variety developed by the Horticult..

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Heirloom Garlic Sampler Garlic

Heirloom Garlic Sampler

 Please Note: These are Garlic Pre-Orders and seed garlic will only be shipped from early Feb..

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Fruit Fly Trap

Fruit Fly : Trap System

McPhail Trap + Pherolure This is a very effective pheromone based trap that lasts 20 weeks (..

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Black Nebula Carrots Carrots

Black Nebula Carrots

Daucus carota A really superb deep purple carrot. Very high in anthocyanins. This carrot does..

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Heirloom Garlic Chesnok Red Garlic

Heirloom Garlic Chesnok Red

Please Note: These are Garlic Pre-Orders and seed garlic will only be shipped from early February. A..

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Sunflower Nigerian Oilseed Vegetable Seeds

Sunflower Nigerian Oilseed

Helianthus annus WOW !!! This is a real stunner. The seeds are huge and are great for shellin..

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