Seedling Mulanje Peanut August

Seedling Mulanje Peanut

SeedlingArachis hypogaeaSo you want to make you own organic peanut butter. Well this is the peanut..

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Seedling Mtedza Peanut August

Seedling Mtedza Peanut

SeedlingArachis hypogaeaThis is a beautiful rich red peanut from Blantyre in Malawi. Traditionally..

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Seedling Giant Caesar January

Seedling Giant Caesar

SeedlingLactuca sativaAn outstanding loose leaf romaine type lettuce with the flavour of a butterh..

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Seedling African Premier Bush Bean January

Seedling African Premier Bush Bean

SeedlingPhaseolus vulgarusAfrican Premiere is a bush bean with Kenyan origin. The bean seeds have ..

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Seedling Jubilee Bush Watermelon August

Seedling Jubilee Bush Watermelon

SeedlingCitrullus lanatusA bush variety which produces oblong fruits that have a yellow-green rind..

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Seedling UC72 Asparagus August

Seedling UC72 Asparagus

SeedlingAsparagus officinalisAn asparagus variety that was developed at the University of Californ..

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Drip Irrigation Kit (60 Sqm)

Drip Irrigation Kit (60 Sqm)

Looking to start with drip irrigation, but don't know what you need and how much of it? With the ..

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Jiffy-7® Plugs 41mm  Garden Supplies

Jiffy-7® Plugs 41mm

41mm Jiffy-7® Plugs. Add water and these awesome plugs expand 7x in just a few minutes. They ma..

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Black Nebula Carrots Carrots

Black Nebula Carrots

Daucus carota A really superb deep purple carrot. Very high in anthocyanins. This carrot does..

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Swiss Chard Kaleidoscope Swiss Chard

Swiss Chard Kaleidoscope

Beta vulgari var cicla A multi-coloured kaleidoscope of Swiss Chard varieties. These produce ..

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Watermelon Radish June

Watermelon Radish

An awesome radish and the perfect way to introduce new radish eaters to the wonders of... well radis..

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Cylindra Beetroot Beetroot

Cylindra Beetroot

Beta vulgaris var crassa The home canners beetroot. Lovely, long, uniform roots. These roots ..

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Red Acre

Red Acre

Brassica oleracea capitata Here's a cabbage that will make a statement in the garden, or on t..

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Bolero Peas July

Bolero Peas

A superb freezing pea with a high sugar content. Bolero is a Powdery Mildew resistant, so you will b..

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