• 1884 Purple

A superb heirloom variety, high yielding with large light purple-ish fruits. This tomato has a superb old time tomato flavour and is definitely one of the better beefsteak type tomatoes in our collection. The flesh is multi-lobular with very few seeds per fruit. Plants are indeterminate with vigorous with broad leaf vines.

The original 1884 was said to have been found growing in a pile of flood debris after the big flood along the Ohio River near Friendly, Wes Virginia by a Mr Williamson in 1884. Jeff Casey from Airdrie Alberta Canada, received the seeds from Michael Gunn, Pasadena Texas, in 2005, and shared it with Tatiana Kouchnareva from Anmore, British Columbia Canada in Dec 2005. Both Jeff and Tatiana grew it out in 2006 and obtained large dark black-purple tomatoes which, in Tatiana's opinion, were better than the original 1884. She named it "1884 Purple" to indicate the fruit colour difference compared to1884. Jeff later suggested an alternative name - "Purple Doughnut", which was much better, unfortunately Tatiana had already listed this variety in the Seed Savers Exchange Yearbook as "1884 Purple", and received several requests for the 1884 Purple seeds in 2007. Both grew it again in 2007 and confirmed that it grows true to type and produces dark purple/black fruits.

Use this beefsteak tomato fresh from the vine for slicing into salads or on sandwiches. Also perfect for making a luscious tomato sauce. The best way to enjoy this tomato just on its own, straight from the vine, with only course sea salt.

Requires full sun. Start tomato plants in trays and transplant two or three times before planting in its permanent place. Plant deeper every transplant to promote extra root growth. This heavy feeder in very rich well-drained soil, and it is best recommended to prepare individual planting holes. Plant the trellis or cage for support at the same time as the seedling so that the roots are not damaged afterwards. Adequate spacing is also important for good air circulation which keeps most diseases at bay. Thirsty tomato plants needs regular watering at root level. Always try to keep the leaves dry to prevent disease or mould. To grow larger fruit pinch out the growing tips and suckers when the plant reaches a certain height. This will divert the energy to the fruits instead of the vines. About 75-90 days to maturity


Coastal Areas:            Jul-Oct

Inland Areas:               Aug-Nov

Subtropical Areas:      Jan-Jul


Approximately 25 Seeds

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1884 Purple

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