IPM (Goggas)

Livingseeds has partnered with BioBee to provide their full range of beneficial insects to the home gardener and the small scale farmer.

Beneficial insects are simply the best way to control pest infestations, and as they are the natural enemies of your pests, they will target exactly the issue that you are having.

Please read the Important Points below.

Typically due to the small quantities required by home gardeners and small scale farmers (<5 hectares) the cost of actually obtaining a few vials of these amazing insects has been prohibitive. Commercial scale farmers will order 100's of vials of a single insect, whereas a small scale farmer will require just a few and a home gardener will only require one.

With our combined purchasing power we are able to supply these beneficial insects in small quantities that are perfect for the home gardener, at really affordable prices.

How it works:

Insect pre-orders are collated every 2 weeks. We will typically place an order every 2nd Wednesday. This does vary depending on demand.

The orders are received on a Monday afternoon, and shipped the following day using a courier service.

Note that the majority of these are imported from Israel.

Please note: If you live in an outlying area that is not regularly serviced by a courier, please call our office prior to ordering.

Livingseeds Office # 016 100 0824

Naturally, any other products ordered with your IPM order will be held back.

Important Points:

1) We do not have a beneficial insect for every pest. Please make sure you are choosing the correct beneficial.

2) Without the correct target pest, the beneficial insects will die. There are very few that can survive on other food sources (pollen, other pests etc).

3) Not all pests are equal. and not all IPM's work for all pests.

4) If you do not apply the IPM solution correctly, it will not work.

5) If you apply the incorrect IPM in the hopes that it will work.... it will not.

6) We are supplying you live insects, they need to be released ASAP and cannot be stored.

7) All packages are over-packed and some deaths will occur in transport. Also note that shedding can also be present in the containers giving a false impression of insect deaths in the packaging.

8) This is not an instant cure, and it can take 2-3 weeks for your beneficial population to increase to a point where your target pests are controlled.

9) If you have used any chemical insecticides in the past 2 months, they will probably kill your newly acquired BioBee beneficials.

10) However, if you have been using any of the BioGrow products that we sell, there is no need for concern. BioGrow products are recommended by BioBee for use with their IPM beneficials.

Are IPM's safe for the environment?

Aphid / Mite / Whitefly Package IPM (Goggas)

Aphid / Mite / Whitefly Package

A targeted selection of both pest predators and parasitoids for the most common pest species.5 x Swi..

R798.70 Ex Tax: R694.52

Aphidius - Aphipar IPM (Goggas)

Aphidius - Aphipar

WATCH: How to release the Aphidius wasp.Target Pests:Primarily the following Myzus persicae Green pe..

R338.02 Ex Tax: R293.93

Spider Mite Eliminator IPM (Goggas)

Spider Mite Eliminator

Spidermites can be one of the most destructive and rapidly spreading pests in your veggie garden.Eff..

R452.79 Ex Tax: R393.73

Spidex - Persimilis IPM (Goggas)

Spidex - Persimilis

Target Pests:Tetranychus urticae Two-spotted or Red spidermite Tetranychus cinnabarinus Carmine spid..

R380.85 Ex Tax: R331.17

Swirskii - Ultimite 20's IPM (Goggas)

Swirskii - Ultimite 20's

WATCH: How to release Swirskii mites.Target Pests: Bemisia tabaci, Sweet potato whitefly  Trial..

R250.01 Ex Tax: R217.40

Swirskii - Ultimite 5's IPM (Goggas)

Swirskii - Ultimite 5's

WATCH: How to release Swirskii mites.Target Pests: Bemisia tabaci, Sweet potato whitefly  Trial..

R78.27 Ex Tax: R68.06

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