• Pests and Diseases in the Garden Vegetable Seeds

This is our most up-to-date pest and disease manual for the South African home gardener.

Covering 24 of the most common pests and diseases that you will encounter in your garden.

We provide 100% safe and organic solutions for every single pest and disease. We also give you specific cultural information that will assist you in reducing, and controlling these common gardening issues.

We also teach you what does and does not work in the garden.

Ever wondered how to use beneficial insects or biological agents in your garden? We teach you how in this booklet and also on our YouTube channel.

This book covers the following pests and diseases:

Cutworms, Aphids, Tomato Bollworm,Red Spider Mites, Whitefly, Tomato Leafminer and Serpentine leafminers, Mealybugs and softscale, Fruit flies, Slugs and Snails, Downy Mildew, Powdery Mildew, Blossom End Rot, Potato Ladybugs, Bagrada Bugs, False Codling Moths, Fall Army Worm, Maize Stalk Borer, Russet Mites, Seproria leaf spot, Early and Late Blight.

We provide multiple organic treatment options and cultural remedies for every issue listed above.

The booklet also has handy links direct to the correct products to ensure that you order the correct treatment.

All too often you wander the isle in your local hardware store or nursery, unsure of how to tackle certain pests and the staff in these stores are are often next to useless. With them often recommending something that you simply don't feel too confident with. You leave knowing that they were probably unsure of themselves and may not have given you solid advice, but you took their advice anyway because you didn't really have anybody else to ask.... and they gladly took your money.

This booklet is filled with high resolution pictures for ease of identification and really sound advice to help you make correct, and well informed decisions on your food garden. With all of the advice easily translatable to the rest of your garden as well.
This is an absolute must for any person that wishes to grow organically with the lowest impact on the environment and still producing healthy food to feed your family.

Only downloadable as an e-book.

Note: Download is 14MB

Once paid for the download will be available in the downloads section of your account.

PLUS: Once you order the booklet, any new updates will be made available for free via the same link.

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Pests and Diseases in the Garden Vegetable Seeds

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