• Spider Mite Eliminator

Spidermites can be one of the most destructive and rapidly spreading pests in your veggie garden.

Effective control needs to happen as fast as possible and it's even better if you can use two or three different IPM's to attack the infestation from all angles.

This package has been put together to help eliminate a spidermite infestation in the shortest possible time.

his is a discounted combination of the 3 IPM's that target the most common spidermites found is South Africa .



The following mites are controlled with this package:

Tetranychus urticae Two-spotted or Red spidermite

Tetranychus cinnabarinus Carmine spidermite

Tetranychus turkestani Strawberry spidermite

Tetranychus ludeni Bean mite

Polyphagotarsonemus latus Broad mite

Inaddition the following will also be controlled.

Bemisia tabaci, Sweet potato whitefly

Trialeurodes vaporariprum, Greenhouse whitefly

Frankliniella occidentalis The young larvae of Western flower thrips

Are IPM's safe for the environment?

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Spider Mite Eliminator

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