Yellow Aphid card with UC counting grid + non-toxic glue

These cards are a very cost effective way to monitor and assist in the monitoring and control of Aphids and Whitefly in your garden. In addition the cards will also attract trips and serpentine leafminer adults. (NB: Not Tuta leafminer) They are also useful in trapping fungus gnats in Hydro/Aquaponic systems.

For the best use out of these cards, wrap the card in normal kitchen gladwrap and then apply the glue to the gladwrap. This will enable you to reuse the card multiple times with minimal mess.

To help with counting purposes, the card can be brought indoors and then wrapped in glad wrap again and the insects can then be counted with minimal mess. To reuse, strip the gladwarp off, re-apply a new layer of gladwrap and coat with the our special non-toxic glue.

The card has a special UC counting grid, simply multiplying the insect count by 5, and you will get an understanding of your pest population density, and it will also give you an indication of pest load / and pest species.

We recommend at least one trap per garden, if your pest load increases, then add in additional traps.

For monitoring 1 trap per 300sqm

For control 1 or more traps per 100sqm

For major infestations 10 traps per 100 sqm

If you have a severe infestation of aphids, multiple cards can be installed to remove the adults from the environment.

Also look at using the BioAphidius wasps for additional control.

Watch the YouTube video here.

Aphid farm with permission by Nick Miller

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Aphid and Whitefly trap (Single)

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