Capsicum chinense

 Eina is too a simple word for this amazing pepper. Volcanic, incandescent, and where's your &%$#$ mind are probably more appropriate.

Many believe that this bad boy can give the feared Reaper a really solid run for its money.
Our opinion? It's HOT! It's BAD and it really, really is way up there on the SHU scale.

This is an Italian variety that was developed and stabilised over a period of years with predetermined characteristics, most notable of which are the looks and heat that is generated by this really wicked Scorpion type.

The tail with a pronounced waist and a lumpy skin are the most obvious visual characteristics, however we have found the lumpy skin to be variable on the same bush.

SHU Untested >1 200 000.... easily.

Standard packet contains 10 seeds

There is no Petite packet available

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Apocalypse Red

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