Capsicum baccatum

This variety was given to us by Jason Fox who received it directly from Beulah Miskin. Jason is well known in organic circles as a passionate food gardener. He has credited a large part of his passion as a direct result of Beulah’s amazing influence.

Beulah was in her own right a pioneer in organics and seed saving, this variety is testament to that. Originally named Beulah’s Old Pepperdew, we have renamed it in line with all our other piquant pepper types, as Beulah’s Old Sundew to get around the trademark issues that PDI has.

Beulah passed on at the stunning age of 94 in April of 2020 having led a full and rewarding life that was focused on natural, organic, regenerative, and biodynamic principles. Her 1-acre property in the Johannesburg suburbs was her “homestead” and the central focus of her canning, pickling, fermenting, and preserving endeavours. Her gardening wisdom was renowned and many, many people came to her to learn and soak up her wisdom.

As an inveterate seed-saver, Beulah constantly shared and saved seed and knowledge with all comers.
All seed-savers know, you only save seed from the best performing varieties every year, and Beulah did exactly that. This pepper is one of those “special” varieties that received her welcome attention every year.
This stunning variety has a rampant growth habit that will sprawl and break branches under the weight of its profuse bounty. You will need to stake and support the plant as it grows. A heavy producer of vibrant, delicious pods with the distinct and well-known piquant flavour. Well grown and protected bushes will last 3 or 4 years.

Standard Packet contains 25 seeds

Petite packet contains 10 seeds

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Beulah's Old Sundew

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