Target Pests:

Planococcus citri Citrus mealybug

Planococcus ficus Vine mealybug

Specific parasitoid of the above two mealybug species.

Protected Crops:

Predominantly crops that are affected by the above two pests. Citrus orchards and Vineyards.


Tiny slender black wasp. Each female wasp can lay up to 150 eggs over their lifespan of about a week.

The optimum temperature is between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius. Adult wasps will emerge from the mummies within one to three days depending upon the ambient temperature and the age of the pupa within the mummy). Immediately upon emergence, the wasps will mate and then will begin searching for a host suitable for parasitization.


BioPerminutus is packaged in boxes containing mummified mealybugs which inhabit pupae of the parasitoid. Each box contains 1000+ mummified wasps, at least 505 will be female.


  • Puncture the sticker in the center of the box exposing the exit hole.
  • Place a marker on the edge of a row so that you can locate the release site at a later date.
  • Heavy rain and strong wind hinder the population build-up of the parasitic wasp. Place the package in a shady place, protected from rain or dew, preferably close to a mealybug-infested spot. Following their emergence, the wasps will fly out of the package and disperse in between the plants. Do not sprinkle the mummies actively from the container.
  • Once parasitic wasps begin to emerge, they will be attracted to the exit hole by sunlight.
  • Place the box in a way that will prevent ants from getting inside.
  • As a rule, if ants are present at the mealybug hotspots, they must be treated by selective treatment of ant nests or by application of ant baits/barriers on the tree trunk. Ants encourage honeydew secretion by the mealybugs, transfer them from one place to another and protect them by actively interfering with the parasitoid.
  • A mix of 50:50 Borax and Sugar moistened with a bit of water will help to control the ants. Please put this mix down a week prior to releasing BioPerminutus.

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BioPerminutus IPM (Goggas)

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