• Blacktail Mountain Vegetable Seeds

Watermelons, summer and kids go hand in hand. These are superb little “personal” watermelons. We love handing our kids one each and they just get stuck in. Often using half the shell as a helmet or hat for their games.

In its creator’s own words “The fruit is dark green with very faint stripes, flesh is an orange red similar to Sugar Baby. Continuously, it is my earliest type in over 100 varieties grown each season.” This heirloom also tolerates heat and humidity well.

The name “blacktail” is derived from the distinctive black markings or “tails” on the one side of the seed that is different from other watermelon seeds.

Blacktail Mountain was developed by Seed Savers Exchange member and cucurbitaceae breeder Glenn Drowns during the late 1970’s in Idaho when he was still a teenager. It was the result of a deep desire to have juicy ripe watermelons in northern Idaho where the season is short and summer nights average 6̊ Deg C. He now runs the Sand Hill Preservation Centre in Iowa. Since then this watermelon has become a favourite of many gardeners across the USA and elsewhere.

Best directly seeded after the last frost. There is really no need to start them indoors as they grow very quickly. Plant three seeds on a hill every 1.5-1.8m. Watermelons need loose fertile soil with lots of organic matter, full sun,and heat for a good crop.The best tasting and sweetest melons have concentrated flavour because they are not over-watered.i.e. Once they reach the size of a tennis ball, only water them when they are completely dry. Also stop watering about month before harvesting.

About 76 days to maturity

Coastal Areas:            Sep-Oct

Inland Areas:               Oct-Nov

Subtropical Areas:      Jul-Sep

Standard packet contains approx 15 seeds

Petite packet contains approx 5 seeds

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Blacktail Mountain Vegetable Seeds

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