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Fagopyrum esculentum

Buckwheat is a fast growing, excellent weed suppressor with a lovely fibrous, shallow root system which helps to loosen the top soil layers, keeping them beautifully aerated.

Buckwheat's extensive and fibrous root structure will source phosphorus and other nutrients within your soil to be released later on when the root system breaks down.

Buckwheat is tolerant of poor soils and can handle cooler weather, but not frost. So, this is a great green manure if you live in frost free areas and need a fast growing green manure. Buckwheat incorporates exceptionally well into your compost heap, creating fibrous biological structure that is beneficial to soil aeration and the soil ecosystem.

Buckwheat comes into its own when planted as a spring/summer green manure. Its quick maturity lends itself to improving beds that are fallow for short periods.


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Buckwheat Green Manure Seed

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