Buckwheat is one of the staple grains from ancient history, with many fantastic uses. Use it sprouted in salads, grind it into a flour to add to your health breads, crush and toast them to add to your meusli. Grow them and turn back into your soil at flowering stage to give a nutritious and mineral enriched green manure to your soil. Or grow them on and harvest your crop to feed your chickens and your family.

Used as a sprouting seed, it is very nutritious and adds considerable soluble and insoluble fibre to your diet.

The Sprouting seed packs can also be used as a green manure, as the seed will flourish in the soil. Providing a very large amount of green matter in a very short time. Cut back before the seed has started to set, otherwise you will have a volunteer crop of Buckwheat where you never expected some.

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Buckwheat Sprouting Seed Sprout & Microgreen Seed

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