Bush Tucker aka Aboriginal Potato Mint (Plectranthus cf. parviflorus)

Completely undomesticated, this short lived, semi-perennial plant is an important “bush tucker”, well known and utilised by the Aboriginal peoples of Australia.

It grows as a semi-succulent groundcover, with short stems bearing scented leaves and gorgeous blue flowers all summer long. This plant has evolved an extensive network of horizontal, starchy and fleshy tubers that help it survive drought, fire and animal browsing.

These tubers are edible raw or cooked, with a minty, crunchy texture. Extremely enjoyable in salad! When cooked they have a taste similar to a minty potato, hence the common name.
Yields can be surprisingly high for an undomesticated food plant, and this plant bears ennoblement potential.
Very easy to grow, the plants prefer to grow in full sun, and will seed themselves close to the mother plant increasing your harvest. The plant is also easily grown from cuttings, even rooting in water!
The leaves are also know to be used medicinally by the Aborigines as a cold medicine, crushed and applied to the skin to stop the itchiness of mosquito bites. Its essential oils also have use as an insect repellent.
Related to the African Tsenza, or Livingstone Potato.

Easily proliferated by seed or cuttings.

  • Seeds are best sown mixed with fine sand as they are extremely small
  • Germinate and grow in seedling trays before planting out
  • Cover seed very finely if at all
  • Prefers full sun, semi hardy to frost but can re-sprout from tubers.
  • Can be grown in pots.

Approx 50 seeds

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Bush Tucker aka Aboriginal Potato Mint

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