• Carob Tree Vegetable Seeds

An amazing tree, the chocolate tree with a beautiful history.

In ancient times the seeds of the Carob (Ceratonia siliqua) tree were used as a measure of gold coins. 24 Carob (Carat ~ Greek) seeds equaled the weight of one gold coin. The coin was deemed pure gold if it met this measure. Hence the term 24 Carat gold.. amazing how our past is link with the foods we eat.

Also known as the St John's Bread tree, it is rumored that John the Baptist used the carob as a source of food while in the desert. Carob pods were traditionally fed to animals (pigs and donkeys) and  it was an important source of suger before the commercialisation of sugar cane and sugar beet.

Due to it's drought tolerance Carob has been used as a supplemental feed for both man and beast over the ages. It's sweet tasting pods have saved many lives. The pods are dried and either ground or shredded and is used as a suppliment for chocolate.

Cats and dogs are fed treats made with Carob as chocolate contains a toxin called theobromine which is not present in Carob. Dessert treats and syryps are made from carob using various processes, a truly remarkable tree.

Approx 10 seeds

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Carob Tree Vegetable Seeds

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