Every month we get a large number of requests for charity and NGO assistance. Until now we have turned most down, and we have only have only supplied seed on a discretionary basis. We are simply unable to provide seed and support for every single charity or NGO that approaches us.

We have decided that from 2012 we will open applications for our assistance. Be it expertise, seed or other products that we can either supply or source.

The application process will run from the 1st of March through to the end of May every year.

We will assess these applications based on the criteria listed below and award an annual sponsorship based on the specific needs of these operations.

The May cut-off is there specifically to allow us the time to assess the application and still allow for an effective spring planting build-up for the charity/NGO in question.

Please understand that the cut-of date is non-negotiable, we allocate specific resources for the assessments as well as time, product and financial resources to ensure that our commitments are met. If you have missed the current years application please ensure that you applications are timely for the following year.

We will respond to every application that we receive during the above time frame.
Unfortunately, as we are a small family run business, we simply do not have the capacity to look at applications outside of our stated application period.

In addition we appeal to any Livingseeds customers that wish to support these organisations for donations of either seed but more importantly time and expertise as many of the beneficiaries are “soil illiterate”. If you are interested in providing some support please email us and we can put you in touch with the organisation(s) in question. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Our assessment criteria are as follows.

Even though these are listed as ‘criteria’ understand that we are looking more at how your operation works, why it works and why you need us to assist you. The points are not weighted and not all of them need to have a positive response, we just need to know where you are at, and were you need to get to.

·         Who are your beneficiaries

·         Age of operation.

·         History of food gardening.

·         Existing support structure.

·         Existing staff / volunteers.

·         Size of current operation.

·         What accountability will be presented.

·         Current sponsors and income source(s).

Finally, please note that we ONLY entertain requests for seed or donations through this manner. Any requests outside of this channel will be ignored.


ALL submission to please be emailed to during the window period of 1 March through to 31 May of every year.

Thank you

Livingseeds Team