• Clove Scented Basil Herb Seed

Ocimum basilicum

Scented clove basil is a thai basil variety which has a smell of cloves and mint. It is a lovely addition to any meal and leaves a lingering smell in your garden. Can be used in jams, jellies and herbals teas.

This type of basil is also known as Himalayan basil, Clove basil, and Tree basil. The leaves have a light to lime green colour and are wonderful additions to your soups, stews and sauces. The leaves freeze and dry well for future use. Best time to harvest the leaves are in the morning once the dew has dried up on the leaves. Harvesting the leaves will improve the production. Once flowers develop on your basil plant, the leaves become bitter.

Approx 50 seeds

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Clove Scented Basil Herb Seed

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