• Crimson Sweet Watermelon Vegetable Seeds

A stunner, Crimson Sweet is a productive watermelon that has a very high (12%) sugar content with a deep pink/red, fine textured flesh. It is light green with dark stripes, and has small dark seed. Crimson sweet has resistance against anthracnose and fusarium wilt. It also has an excellent keeping and transport quality.

Crimson Sweet was developed by Charles V. Hall of the Kansas State University, Manhattan, and released in 1963. It is a cross between the Miles/Peacock and Charleston Gray watermelons. An All-America Selection Winner in 1964. Since then it has become one of the most popular watermelons we enjoy today.

Watermelon is full of nutrition and contain high levels of lycopene (anti-oxidant), Vitamin A and C, and potassium. It also has anti-inflammatory benefits. This sweet watermelon is best enjoyed fresh and chilled or in fruit salads. It is hard to resist these very sweet red slices. Dice and freeze them for smoothies, sorbet or slush puppy. The rind can be pickled or cooked like a vegetable. From the juice you can also make your own watermelon wine or delicious watermelon syrup, which is an ambrosial delight.

Best directly seeded after the last frost. There is really no need to start them indoors as they grow very quickly. Plant three seeds on a hill every 1.2-2m. Watermelons need loose fertile soil with lots of organic matter, 6 hours full sun, and heat for a good crop. The best tasting and sweetest melons have concentrated flavour because they are not over-watered i.e. once they reach the size of a tennis ball, only water them when they are completely dry. Also stop watering about month before harvesting. To speed ripening place your watermelons on a bed of straw, cardboard, or aluminium foil, which reflects the sun.

About 85-90 days to maturity

Coastal Areas:            Sep-Oct

Inland Areas:               Oct-Nov

Subtropical Areas:      Jul-Sep


Approximately 10 Seeds

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Crimson Sweet Watermelon Vegetable Seeds

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