• Dakota Black Popcorn Vegetable Seeds

Open pollinated. A seriously tasty popcorn. As with the Strawberry popcorn, this is a gourmet popcorn that is superb. Small cobs 10-12cm long, but perfectly proportioned, with deep blue\black kernels, about 15 rows per cob. The plants are not tall and should not grow much above the average hip-height. Dakota Black is very easy to grow and has above-average pest resistance, a great idea for children’s gardens. Also referred to as Dakota Blackpop by its creators.

Bred and selected by the Podoll’s of Prairie Road Organic Farm, seed growers in North Dakota. Selections are made on cob size, stand-stability and deep, rich, black colour. Dakota Black is one of six vegetable varieties that was bred and released by them for the family table.

Although the black seeds pops out smaller than normal popcorn, it truly is some of the most delicious popcorn you will eat. It is so delicious that you do not even have to flavour it. Also be aware that once you have eaten this home grown popcorn, you will never be satisfied with store-bought popcorn again.As a treat for children, you can also pop the corn on the cob. This can be done in the microwave in a closed paper bag. Lastly To achieve maximum popping results let the cobs dry fully in the garden before harvesting. Store in an airtight glass jar to keep moisture away from the seeds.

Requires full sun.Plant in well-drained soil. Popcorn likes lot of nitrogen, so you can plant it on plots where legumes or green manure was previously grown, or enrich the soil with a proper organic fertiliser. Plant the corn in a block of at least 4 or more rows to increase pollination and plant at least 80 plants to maintain genetic diversity. Adequate watering needs to be provided and corn have a shallow root system. Space seeds 12cm apart with 90 cm between rows.

About 95-105 days to maturity

Coastal Areas:            Aug-Jan

Inland Areas:               Aug-Jan

Subtropical Areas:      Jul-Nov


Standard packet contains approx 100 seeds

Petite packet contains approx 30 seeds

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Dakota Black Popcorn Vegetable Seeds

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