• Detroit Dark Red Beetroot

Detroit dark red beets are considered one of the most outstanding beet varieties, and for more than a hundred years it served as a standard by which all other beets were judged. It produced well formed, almost round, blood-red 8cm diameter, nutritious roots. Growers regard it as one of the most dependable root crops to grow for taste and keeping quality. It grows well in almost all soil types, is heat and cold tolerant, has a good tolerance to bolting and is resistant to a number of diseases like Cercospora Leaf Spot and common Bean Mosaic Virus. It also has a moderate tolerance to Downy Mildew.

Other Names: Detroit Blood, Detroit Blood Turnip, Early Detroit, Detroit Dark Red Turnip, Early Dark Red, Detroit Early Dark red.

Original selections were made by a Mr. Reeves of Port Hope, Ontario, Canada who made selections from the "Early Blood Turnip" a variety  which is nearly 75 years older. Thereafter further selections and improvements were made by D.M. Ferry & Co, who first listed it as Detroit Dark Red Turnip beet in their 1892 catalogue.

With its sweet flavour and fine texture, Detroit Dark red is an all-round best for canning, freezing and using fresh. Young leave make an excellent and colourful addition to salads and the mature greens can be cooked like chard or spinach. It contains a number of nutrients including Iron, Calcium, Folic Acid and Vitamins A, B and C vitamins. It is also a good anti-oxidant that can help to fight of cancer. They have one of the highest sugar contents of all vegetables, yet are low in calories.

When preparing for the pot, twist the leaves and stems off. Do not cut them, the twisting action slows down the 'bleeding' into your pot and keeps the colour in the fruit.

Planting Instructions

Detroit Dark red beets are best directly seeded as they do not transplant well. Soak the seeds in warm water overnight to fully saturate the corky seed pods. Plant in full sun, about two weeks before the last spring frost. They do best in well preparedsoil with lots of organic matter.To grow choice beets, encourage quick, steady growth by keeping the soil moist and weed-free. About 55-65 days to maturity.

Coastal Areas:            Feb-Apr, Jul-Nov

Inland Areas:               Feb-Mar, Aug-Oct

Subtropical Areas:      Feb-Apr, Jul-Aug


Approximately 100 seeds.


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Detroit Dark Red Beetroot

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