For decades gardeners have focused on plant nutrition and health, however the real conversation starts with building your soil health and ecosystem.

In nature, soils are continuously enriched by degradation and decomposition of fallen plant material. This fallen plant material is broken down into humus by the actions of specialist soil microbes. All too often soil is lacking these critical microbes to assist is the breakdown of organic matter.

HUMIGRO is a valuable CARBON-based soil conditioner.

Humate granules are produced from extracts of ancient Leonardite deposits, formed from the long-term breakdown of prehistoric vegetative matter.

This unique material is a rich source of carbon and complex nutritional elements, with valuable soil conditioning properties.

Soil-organic carbon forms the basis of soil fertility.


  • releases nutrients for plant growth
  • feeds beneficial micro-organisms
  • promotes soil structure
  • buffers against harmful substances

Which positively impacts the biological and physical SOIL HEALTH


The benefits of HUMIGRO:

  • Reduces leaching & nutrient lock up, keeping nutrients available in the soil for longer (i.e. improves fertiliser sustainability)
  • Reduces the negative effects of fertiliser on soil & buffers fertiliser applications
  • Is a natural microbial stimulant, especially of fungi, which is often deficient due to use of fungicides
  • Improves soil structure, soil moisture & nutrient retention


Lets ‘unpack’ the negative effects of chemical fertilisers:

  • Chemical fertilisers have transformed agriculture in their quest to maximising production.
  • Their role is to increase nutrient levels and it is a job that they do well.
  • However, the continuous & prolonged use of synthetic fertilisers contributes to the ‘problem’ of poor SOILS.
  • Poor soils are less able to ‘hold nutrients’, which results in more frequent fertiliser applications. This cycle needs to be broken.

HUMIGRO aids in addressing and mitigating some of these negative impacts by building soil health in the long term.


Directions for use – HUMIGRO

HUMIGRO sachet = 5g = 1 teaspoon (provided)

Apply during bed preparation and at planting. Thereafter, apply as regularly as needed to boost and promote soil health.

  • Dilute 5g HUMIGRO into 5L water. Mix well and apply as drench to soil
  • HUMIGRO may also be mixed with fertiliser at a rate of 50g per kg
  • Or sprinkle directly onto soil, 50 g per m2

HUMIGRO is a natural product and will not burn or harm the soil if over applied.

Contents: 3 x 5g sachets.

Each will be sufficient to treat 5L of water to use as a drench.

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