• Fall Army Worm : Trap System

Yellow Funnel Trap + FAW Pheromone lure

 This lure is effective for 4-5 weeks from placement. Place the trap 300mm above the crop on a pole / support. This lure is best placed up wind of, and at the start of the crop. Check the trap, record and clear out and trapped insects every 7 days.

The Fall Army Worm is a major international pest and is a notifiable quarantine pest in South Africa. Currently it has been detected in all provinces except the Western Cape.

Pheromone traps are the best way to monitor and understand if you have Army Worm in your area. Fall Army Worm mainly attacks Corn, Sweetcorn and Sorghum plantings, however it has been known to feed off Sunflower, Potato, Soya and Peanut plantings if their main food source is unavailable.

The moths are highly mobile and can travel great distances, enabling this pest to spread very easily. Early detection is your best defence again this pest.

Once you have detected adults in your traps then an immediate spraying of BioNeem twice a week on susceptible crops is highly recommended. Once the tiny caterpillars grow out and enter the whorls of the maize plant organic remedies will no longer be effective.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a notifiable insect. if you find any presence of FAW on your property you MUST notify DAFF

To report occurrence or suspected occurrence of the pest contact:

Directorate: Plant Health
Division: Early Warning Systems
Tel: 012 319 6384
Email: JanHendrikV@daff.gov.za

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Fall Army Worm : Trap System

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