• False Codling Moth

Delta Trap + 2 x Sticky Liners + FCM Pheromone lure

False Codling Moths are a major pest of orchards attacking all stone fruits, apples and citrus. If you have a home orchard and are unsure what is stinging your fruits, you can almost be sure that it's this moth laying eggs on your fruits. the larvae burrow in feast on your organic fruits to their hearts content. once large enough, they with exit and descend to the ground and pupate in the soil. In warm years, up to 5 generations of this massive pests can be produced.

This lure is effective for 4-5 weeks from placement. Place the trap in the top 1/3 of your fruit tree. This lure needs to be placed in the shade on the southern side of the tree . Check the trap, record and clear out and trapped insects every 7 days.

For heavy infestations, additional traps my be advised.

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False Codling Moth

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