• Foxtail Red Amaranth Vegetable Seeds

Amaranthus caudatus

 A drought resistant variety of amaranth that produces long, beautiful, maroon/red flower tassels. also commonly known as Love-lies bleeding amaranth, velvet flower, pendant amaranth and tassel flower.

Amaranth is used for its edible seeds and leaves and also as a medicinal plant. The beautiful colourful flower tassels make a beautiful show in the garden, giving it a place as an eye catching ornamental too.

The leaves are used to make Moroggo and the seeds for porridge and baked good such as breads and cakes.

Research shows that amaranth can be used in treating diarrhea, fatigue and circulatory disorders amongst others.

Standard packet contains approx 200 seeds

Petite packet contains approx 70 seeds

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Foxtail Red Amaranth Vegetable Seeds

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