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Once again Livingseeds has stepped up and found an innovative way to ensure that the home gardener and small scale farmer is able to access these important tools to help protect their efforts in the garden. Using traps and lures to target specific pests is probably one of the most environmentally sound methods of pest control.

Real IPM is an integration of many different aspects. How you cultivate, what plants are planted when and how, using beneficial insects to control population, using colour or scent based traps and lures and finally organic chemical remedies.

Each one of these has its own place in your arsenal of weapons against pests, and in turn helping to control disease outbreaks.

Pherolure and colour based traps have long been a tool only for large farmers that could afford the outlay to get the specific control methods. Livingseeds is now stocking the Insect Science range of Traps and Lures, this is a South African based company that creates products specifically for the South African market. All of our Insect Science products are sold individually, to enable you to easily and cost effectively use these important tools in your constant fight against vegetable and fruit pests.

The beauty of these traps and lures is that you can target a specific pest and eliminate that pest only, leaving every other insect out of the equation. It is essential to note that only a very small percentage of insects that occur in your garden are pests, the others are all beneficial insects that are either predators or important pollinators. Indiscriminate trapping (UV lights) or chemical spraying will have a massive detrimental effect on the ecology of your garden and your immediate environment.

We have bundled the traps and lures together to provide you with the exact recipe to target a specific pest.

Note that the actual traps can be reused multiple times and the type of Pherolures used can be changed over the course of a single season.

We have loose traps and top up Pherolure lures available for sale, so that you can keep your traps in constant operation.

The Pherolures need to be stored in a fridge if you are keeping them for a few months, alternatively for long term storage a freezer would be best. Lure lifespan in a freezer is approx. 3 years.

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Aphid Cards

Aphid Cards

These cards are a very cost effective way to monitor and assist in the monitoring and control of ad..

R156.04 Ex Tax: R135.69

Cutworm, Tomato Bollworm and Tomato Semi Looper

Cutworm, Tomato Bollworm and Tomato Semi Looper : Trap System

Yellow Funnel Trap + Pherolure Another outstanding cost effective long-term pheromone based trap..

R469.66 Ex Tax: R408.40


Fall Army Worm : Trap System

Yellow Funnel Trap + FAW Pherolure  This lure is effective for 4-5 weeks from placement. Pla..

R469.66 Ex Tax: R408.40

False Codling Moth

False Codling Moth : Trap System

Delta Trap + 2 x Sticky Liners + FCM Pherolure False Codling Moths are a major pest of orcha..

R259.19 Ex Tax: R225.38

Fruit Fly Trap

Fruit Fly : Trap System

McPhail Trap + Pherolure This is a very effective pheromone based trap that lasts 20 weeks (5 mo..

R258.97 Ex Tax: R225.19

Yellow Funnel Trap

Funnel Trap : Trap Only

This is the most advanced Bucket Funnel TrapĀ® in the global market. Lures available separatelyWork..

R349.30 Ex Tax: R303.74

McPhail Trap

Moskisan Trap : Trap Only

The Moskisan Trap is used around the world to monitor fruit flies in area wide monitoring programs..

R124.49 Ex Tax: R108.25

Pumpkin Fly : Trap System Insect Traps & Lures

Pumpkin Fly : Trap System

Finally we have a solution for Pumpkin Fly!This is a bait lure specifically for fruit fly and it has..

R302.44 Ex Tax: R262.99

Sticky Liner for Delta Trap 10's

Sticky Liner for Delta Trap 10's

Replacement sticky liners for the Delta trap.10 pack..

R244.08 Ex Tax: R212.24

Sticky Liner for Delta Trap Singles

Sticky Liner for Delta Trap Singles

Replacement sticky liners for the Delta trap.One liner..

R25.76 Ex Tax: R22.40

Tomato Leaf Miner (Tuta) : Trap System

Tomato Leaf Miner (Tuta) : Trap System

Water Trap + Tuta Pherolure This lure is effective for 4-5 weeks from placement. The trap functi..

R246.47 Ex Tax: R214.32

Water Trap : Trap Only Insect Traps & Lures

Water Trap : Trap Only

Special water trap that uses both colour and a Pherolure to trap Tuta moths..

R188.38 Ex Tax: R163.81

Yellow Delta Trap

Yellow Delta Trap : Trap Only

These cost-effective, readily assembled traps are easy to use enabling fast implementation for a q..

R135.70 Ex Tax: R118.00

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