Discover our carefully crafted e-books, tailored specially for you, the South African home gardener. Tackle 24 common garden pests and diseases the safe and organic way, armed with our expert insights and high-resolution images. Unlock the secrets of successful garlic cultivation with our concise garlic production manual.

Whether you're nurturing your garden or seeking to grow great garlic, these e-books are your trusted companions on your journey.

Livingseeds Garlic Production Manual Garlic

Livingseeds Garlic Production Manual

We have, over the last few years, put together a garlic production manual that is probably the best ..


Pests and Diseases in Your Garden (e-Book)

Pests and Diseases in Your Garden (e-Book)

This is our most up-to-date pest and disease manual for the South African home gardener, covering 24..


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