Livingseeds is excited to launch The Livingseeds DIY Raised Bed System. These raised beds are perfect for the home gardener looking to add some interesting and dynamic wooden planters into their garden.

The raised beds are so versatile that single units can be used to create accent gardens within your existing garden design, or an entirely new raised garden can be quickly put together using the different sized units to create a unique and visually appealing vegetable garden.

The raised beds come in 4 standard sizes and can be configured to suit almost any garden layout.

Simple to put together and easy to assemble, the Livingseeds Raised Beds are a real winner in your garden.

Each raised bed unit comes with a set of 4 reversable, flame branded slats to create an authentic old time “farmers/harvest crate” look, or you can reverse them to have a plain, yet stylish raised wooden bed. The branding on the slats is as follows:

Organic                Herbs                    Vegetables               

The units are locally handcrafted with great care, using quality graded pine, and are designed with our innovative strengthening system to ensure they last for years to come. Shipped to you in a convenient flat-pack format, ready to install, with clear, easy to follow instructions for assembly.

You can use our single units and add to your system, creating your garden in your own time,  or you can take advantage of the complete Garden Systems at a considerable discount, allowing you to instantly create the raised bed garden of your dreams at an affordable price. All you need to do is fill up the beds with soil and plant your veggies.

Pro-Nature eco-friendly paints are supplied with each kit, with a choice of one of four colour variants. Pro Nature products are eco-certified, and you can rest assured, knowing that you are treating your wood with an organic, eco-friendly product that is not harmful to you, the soil, or the environment. The paint supplied is enough to coat each unit twice which is the minimum recommended application for an outdoor planter.

Properly treated, with our recommended wood treatment, these raised beds will give you many years of pleasure. We do strongly recommend that you give the exposed wood on the planters a once over with any Pro-Nature outdoor wood finish at least once a season. This will ensure that the wood is properly nourished.

Due to the nature of wood, and exposure to the elements we are unable to provide any warranty on our raised beds.

The versatility and ease of installation makes the Livingseeds Raised Bed Systems a real winner in your garden, giving you a solid and appealing solution to your gardening needs.

The two largest units are shipped free of charge within South Africa.

Livingseeds Combo Planter BigT Garden Supplies

Livingseeds Combo Planter BigT

The Livingseeds BigT Combo planter is highly configurable and can be used as a single planter unit o..

R15,122.39 Ex Tax: R13,149.90

Livingseeds Combo Two Planter Garden Supplies

Livingseeds Combo Two Planter

The Livingseeds Combo Two planter is highly configurable and can be used as a single planter unit ..

R9,374.11 Ex Tax: R8,151.40

Livingseeds Planter 1200

Livingseeds Planter 1200

1200 x 900..

R2,449.65 Ex Tax: R2,130.13

Livingseeds Planter 1500

Livingseeds Planter 1500

1500 x 900..

R3,342.84 Ex Tax: R2,906.82

Livingseeds Planter 600 Planters

Livingseeds Planter 600

600 x 600..

R1,450.33 Ex Tax: R1,261.16

Livingseeds Planter 900

Livingseeds Planter 900

900 x 900..

R1,733.34 Ex Tax: R1,507.25

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