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All too often, people wonder what is going on in their soil and if they need to take any action. Most folks just buy compost or a general fertiliser without a second thought, hoping that what they’re doing is the correct thing for their soil and plants’ needs.

A real soil test will give you a deeper understanding of what actions you need to take to bring your soil in line.

So when is the best time to do a soil test? Our advice is twofold. Firstly, you want your testing to take place when the soil is active, so spring and summer are the two best seasons for a soil test. Secondly, taking a soil test should be done in the same location and at the same time each season.

It really is pointless taking a soil test in spring the first year, in winter the second year, and in summer the third. Different elements are available and locked up at different times of the year. To get a real understanding of how your soil is responding to your management, testing will need to be done as close as possible to your previous tests.

We strongly recommend that you diarise your soil tests and also take a photo of the test location, so that you have a hard reference as to exactly where you need to go back and test. This is even more important if you have more than a single test site.

Livingseeds has partnered with a soil scientist and soil-testing lab to provide the home gardener with an effective scientific soil test that will add value to your understanding of your soil.

We must stress that “fixing” soil is a long-term game and not a single event; far too much has happened on and to your soil over the centuries for you to fix it in a short period. Building soil is a constant project and every action you take will either build or harm your soil.

Livingseeds has employed a soil scientist who has a comprehensive understanding of the importance of organics and increasing soil health, without the use of chemicals.

A soil test is meaningless without the correct interpretation. It is also important to understand that the interpretation is performed by a scientist who has either an agro-chemical or organic background. This difference is important, as choosing the correct soil scientist is critical to the recommendations you will receive to improve your soil and grow great crops.

The Livingseeds Soil Test will come with an organic recommendation to move your soil in the correct direction.

Livingseeds Soil Test Soil Testing

Livingseeds Soil Test

Finally, a real solution for the home gardener looking for an accurate and actionable soil test.Livi..


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