750ml High Quality Adjustable Spray Bottle Garden Supplies

750ml High Quality Adjustable Spray Bottle

A handy and multi-purpose spray bottle which can be used to spray-water your Microgreens or seedling..

R28.00 Ex Tax: R24.35

Livingseeds Plant Clips Planting Supplies

Livingseeds Plant Clips

Yes!!! Eventually a really versatile plant clip that can be used to clip-up and support a whole rang..

R27.60 Ex Tax: R24.00

Scatter Box Garden Supplies

Scatter Box

A very easy to use, lightweight, multi purpose seed and pelleted fertilizer applicator. The hopper c..

R371.43 Ex Tax: R322.98

Seedling Transplanter Garden Supplies

Seedling Transplanter

A robust and sturdy, metal seedling transplanting applicator. This unit has been designed for the ra..

R845.15 Ex Tax: R734.91

Tunnel Bender Tools

Tunnel Bender

Looking to build your own steel framed tunnels? Are commercial tunnels just way too expensive?Are yo..

R846.30 Ex Tax: R735.91

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