Giant Pumpkin Competition


Welcome to the 8th Annual Livingseeds Giant Pumpkin Competition.

Weigh-in is the 14th March 2020 @ The Walkerville Show Grounds

We are all excited, and looking forward to having plenty of fun with this years competition.

Be warned, once the bug has bitten, there is no turning back. Some people’s lives revolve around their pumpkin patch as they go after “ The Big One” and many “Pumpkin Widows” abound. There is nothing quite like being the proud father (or mother) of the Big One, that you have babied and coddled and pampered and loved more and more each day. There is a wonder in watching the pumpkin grow, measuring it’s girth to estimate it’s weight..... until that moment of truth.......... at weigh in.

We at Livingseeds understand these feelings......We have watched and coddled our pumpkins and loved them. We have been growing Atlantic Giant for the last 11 years and have always been impressed how easily a 100 kg pumpkin grows. To get it over the 300 kilo mark requires a bit of effort.

The current SA record is 613Kgs. The World record is well over 900Kgs. All of the seed that we are providing this year, has the potential to exceed 500Kgs, and some of the genetic seed has the potential to excess 700kgs, so  there is no reason why this competition cannot claim the SA record again!

This competition is the brain child of John McChlery, the General Manager of Greens’ Greens. John was looking for a way to stimulate some form of ‘agricultural’ excitement in the area. At the same time creating  a new community involved event for the Midvaal area. The belief is that this competition will help to bring the community together in friendly competitive spirit.

Are you growing a Giant Pumpkin for the competition this year?

You need to start planning now!!!!

Your ideal Planting date is the first week on Oct 5-10th

Your ideal Transplant date is the First week of Nov 3rd – 7th

Your ideal Pollination date is the 24th December

Picking and weigh-in is Saturday the 14th March 2020

You are what makes this competition possible, without your support in this competition as a grower and excited spectator we cannot achieve the generosity that has been show last year.

We the organisers, wish you as the best growing conditions and fertile soil for your entry.


 Livingseeds Giant Pumpkin Competition.

Giant Pumpkin Competition Commercial Seed Vegetable Seeds

Giant Pumpkin Competition Commercial Seed

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Giant Pumpkin Growing Kit

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Olivier 192.5

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