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Nowadays it is almost impossible to find a good heading lettuce. Great Lakes was THE market leader until pre-packaging of loose leaves. It was the first modern “Iceberg” lettuce and has been the farming standard for commercial growers for over 60 years now. Nothing can beat this variety as a consistent producer of good-sized,  crisp, round heads that are easy to pick and prepare. Great Lakes is heat and cold tolerant and have a strong resistance to bolting and tip burn.The slow-bolting habit and difficult emergence of the stem from the dense head makes Great Lakes a poor yielder of seed.

Great Lakes was first introduced in 1941 by the United States Department ofAgriculture and the Michigan Agriculture Experiment Station, and was the first modern “Iceberg” variety. It was created by Thomas W. Whitaker, a world renowned authority on lettuce, and named Great Lakes, although it was actually bred in California. In 1944 it was the All America selections winner.

Because of its ability to produce marketable heads under adverse climate conditions Great Lakes became one of the most widely planted varieties. At one stage 95% of commercial production and consumption was of this type.Two types of iceberg lettuce, Great Lakes and Calmar, dominated lettuce production until 1975.

Leaves are crisp and tender with wonderful flavour. Perfect for making sandwiches and salads.Grow extra to harvest the young, crunchy,baby greens when thinning out.It has very good storage ability if kept refrigerated. The leaves are a good source of antioxidants such as beta-carotene, lutein and vitamin C as well as vitamin K.

The seeds need light to germinate, hence must be sown just barely below soil surface. Plant in full sun. Requires well-drained soil that is consistently moist. Mulching will help the shallow rooted plant to retain moisture and prevent drying out between watering. Water on soil level and not on the leaves to minimise the risk of disease.About 75-90 days to maturity

Coastal Areas:            Aug-May

Inland Areas:               Jan-Mar, Aug-Sep

Subtropical Areas:      Jan-May, Aug-Sep


Standard packet contains approx 300 seeds

Petite packet contains approx 100 seeds

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Great Lakes Lettuce

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