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Blaue st Galler is a superb accent variety that can be used to create signature dishes. This variety is an excellent chip variety that will make outstanding, eye-catching french fires or crisps
This variety is a brand new release in South Africa. It is based on genetic material from the ancient Peruvian Blue potatoes, these have been bred to produce uniform harvests for both the home gardener and the commercial farmer.

These stunning potatoes were developed in conjunction with the International Potato center in Lima, Peru. The specific goal was to protect and preserve the ancient genetic variation of Peru's potatoes.

A huge benefit of Blaue st Galler is that they are very high in Anthocyanins, making them a really tasty superfood. The cooked potatoes hold their colour well, with minimal colour loss, especially when cooked whole and then cut.

These are a medium maturing variety and are well suited to boiling, are really eye-catching in a potato salad and make lovely creamy, flavourful, fluffy baked potatoes.

Average increase per seed potato is 8-10 potatoes.

900g seed potatoes

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Blaue st Galler Seed Potatoes 0.9kg

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