YES! Livingseeds can now ship heirloom seedlings.

Once again, another South African first from your favourite Heirloom Seed company.

Buying your own heirloom seedlings is the perfect solution for a number of gardeners.

1) The gardener that wants to have an instant garden.

2) You are a spot late in the season to start your garden from seed.

3) You find that growing from seed is difficult.

4) You would prefer to buy the more difficult seeds to germinate, as seedlings.

5) We supply far too many seed varieties, and you would prefer 1 or 2 plants of many varieties.

6) You want to eat healthily, but don't have the time to plant seed.


Livingseeds has developed a method of shipping live seedlings via courier.

After extensive research and trials we are now able to offer you a limited selection of heirloom vegetables as seedlings.

We will not be offering our complete range as seedlings and will only grow out certain varieties.

What we have on offer is what is currently available, unfortunately we will not be growing on request. We have started off with a small range of brassicas, and our summer crops (tomatoes, chillies, brinjals etc will be available in the next few weeks.


So this is how it works. PLEASE READ this.

Every week, we will have a list of seedlings available on our website. We anticipate that this will change every 2-3 weeks as seedlings are sold out and new ones are added. Please note that we are unable to 'hold' seedling orders over, they are growing plants and we have a window that must be used when selling them.

These seedlings are sold in single units, to allow you to mix and match the seedlings that you desire, in the quantities that you desire.

The seedlings will be planting ready, and will not be forced into premature flower or otherwise manipulated. They will need to be in the ground within 24-48 hours of you receiving them. So please make sure that your garden is ready to accept them.

How the charges work.

There are two charges on seedlings. The first a seedling cost and then there is a separate packing charge.

12 Seedlings fit perfectly into one of our boxes. You can mix and match any number of seedlings as you wish, just bear in mind that for the most cost effective order on seedlings, it works in 12's.

Please note that depending on your location, we may not ship on a Thursday or Friday to ensure that your seedlings do not spend the weekend in a dark box.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to give us a call.

Lastly, Please note, that we do not grow seedlings on request, so please bear that in mind.

Seedling Ailsa Craig August

Seedling Ailsa Craig

SeedlingAn extremely well known British tomato that hails from 1925. It has a rich history in many..

R6.85 Ex Tax: R6.85

Seedling Amarillo Lunga Brinjal August

Seedling Amarillo Lunga Brinjal

Seedling Oh WOW!! This has to be our #1 brinjal of the season. Everyone raved about it. It's a bi..

R7.85 Ex Tax: R7.85

Seedling Amish Deer Tongue Red Lettuce January

Seedling Amish Deer Tongue Red Lettuce

Seedling As the name suggests, this is an old Amish lettuce variety that really stands out. Point..

R5.25 Ex Tax: R5.25

Seedling Beit Alpha Cucmber January

Seedling Beit Alpha Cucmber

Seedling These are becoming more and more popular in the South African supermarlets, Beit Alpha i..

R6.85 Ex Tax: R6.85

Seedling Bennings Green Tint Squash Seedlings

Seedling Bennings Green Tint Squash

Seedling A beautiful pale green to white “patty pan”. This plant produces high yields of squash i..

R6.85 Ex Tax: R6.85

Seedling Bill's Breeder January

Seedling Bill's Breeder

Seedling The surprise of the 2013/14 growing season. This tomato won the “Nicest Tasting Tomato i..

R6.85 Ex Tax: R6.85

Seedling Black Seeded Simpson January

Seedling Black Seeded Simpson

Seedling Stunning 160 year old lettuce variety. Lovely, large, bright green, ruffled leaves. This..

R5.25 Ex Tax: R5.25

Seedling Blonde de Paris January

Seedling Blonde de Paris

Seedling Batavian heading lettuce. Good yields of crisp, light coloured heads. Does require a coo..

R5.25 Ex Tax: R5.25

Seedling Brandywine Purple January

Seedling Brandywine Purple

Seedling If a tomato has Brandywine in its name you know that it tastes superb, and more often th..

R6.85 Ex Tax: R6.85

Seedling Brandywine Sudduths January

Seedling Brandywine Sudduths

Seedling Also known as the Sudduths Strain, this is a very old and well known tomato variety that..

R6.85 Ex Tax: R6.85

Seedling Buttercrunch Lettuce January

Seedling Buttercrunch Lettuce

Seedling A stunning light green, soft but crisp lettuce. It is great to use as a base for salads ..

R5.25 Ex Tax: R5.25

Seedling Caserta Marrow Squash Seedlings

Seedling Caserta Marrow Squash

Seedling Caserta Marrows are a highly productive marrow. Tasty eaten young even before the flower..

R6.85 Ex Tax: R6.85

Seedling Cherokee Purple Tomato January

Seedling Cherokee Purple Tomato

Seedling Cherokee Purple is a big tomato with a great flavour, typical of the "black tomatoes". I..

R7.25 Ex Tax: R7.25

Seedling Clemson Spineless Okra August

Seedling Clemson Spineless Okra

Seedling Okra is a traditional east african vegetable. Originally grown in Ethiopia and Egypt, th..

R6.85 Ex Tax: R6.85

Seedling Cream of Saskatchewan August

Seedling Cream of Saskatchewan

Seedling Citrullus lunatus A Livingseeds field staff favourite. These watermelons have an unus..

R6.85 Ex Tax: R6.85

Seedling Flamingo Pink Swiss Chard Seedlings

Seedling Flamingo Pink Swiss Chard

Seedling A beautiful swiss chard with light pink stems, it makes a lovely addition to the veggie ..

R6.85 Ex Tax: R6.85

Seedling Giant II January

Seedling Giant II

Seedling A large, well-shaped, meaty tomato that bears tremendously. It has great flavour and is ..

R6.85 Ex Tax: R6.85

Seedling Golden Zucchini August

Seedling Golden Zucchini

Seedling A superb, highly productive bush squash. These small compact bushes produce from 10-12 w..

R6.85 Ex Tax: R6.85

Seedling Green Giant January

Seedling Green Giant

Seedling The Green Giant is just that, a big green tomato with a great flavour. It is possibly on..

R6.85 Ex Tax: R6.85

Seedling Iceberg Seedlings

Seedling Iceberg

Seedling Introduced in 1895, Iceberg set the original standard for crisp Iceberg lettuce. While i..

R5.25 Ex Tax: R5.25

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