• Hidasta Red Bean Vegetable Seeds

Phaselous vulgaris

An heirloom bean variety native to the American tribe, Hidasta of the Missouri River Valley in North Dakota, introduced to the public in Oscar Will's book, "Pioneer Indian collection of Seeds", in 1915. 

Traditionally, the Hidasta people would allow the seed pods to dry on the bush and then harvest. They were most commonly used as dry beans, which is where these beans outshine many other varieties in flavour and creamy texture. Can also be eaten as a young snap bean and as shelly beans.

Growing up to 1m in height, they have a semi-bush/pole habit and will benefit from some support.

Perfect additions to soups, stews, and casseroles. The young pods and or shelled beans can also be processed and canned or frozen.

Standard packet contains approx 25 seeds

Petite packet contains approx 10 seeds

Using Beanflo-Rhizobium bacteria when planting your bean seed is the most cost effective way of putting nitrogen fixing bacteria into your soil, creating healthier soil for a more productive harvest.

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Hidasta Red Bean

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