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Heirloom. Krug Dent corn is one of the oldest commercial varieties. that was originated by an Illinois farmer George Krug in 1921. After this period, hybrids corns were developed by many breeders and heirloom varieties slowly started to loose favour against the higher producing hybrids.

George W. Krug started experimenting with corn in 1906 to develop a corn that would be more productive for his 100 acre estate. George started his seed line by mixing two strains called Improved World's Fair and Iowa Gold Mine with a couple of bushels of good-looking seed which he purchased at a farm sale. The qualities he selected for included weight, luster, smoothness, freedom of excessive starch and high oil content. He entered his corn in the county farm bureau yield test in 1919, and topped the field in 1920 and 1921 among 118 growers who entered these tests. Hereafter Krug Dent became famous and was sought after everywhere. George Krug however was a very modest man and did not collect a royalty from any of those using his name in producing "Krug Corn." all he wanted was a better corn for his farm.

Read the detailed story here: http://bulbnrose.x10.mx/Heredity/WallaceKrugCorn1956.html and here: http://www.allendrake.com/elpasohistory/epstory/pgtx276.htm

Dent corn is mostly used for corn meal and animal feed because unlike sweet corn its skin is very tough skin that does not soften with cooking and it needs to be soaked or ground for use.

Requires at least 6 hours of full sun, and a rich moist retentive soil. Do not let the soil dry out at any time during the growing stage and drench the soil twice a week if possible. Plant the corn in a block to increase pollination and plant at least 40-80 plants to maintain genetic diversity for seed saving. Harvest when the husks when the corn is completely dry. Then husk the ears and dry them in a well-ventilated area to complete the drying process. About 81-90 days to maturity.

Coastal Areas:            Aug-Dec

Inland Areas:               Oct-Dec

Subtropical Areas:      Jul-Nov

Approximately 80 Seeds

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Krug Dent Vegetable Seeds

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