The Livingseeds Microgreens System is designed to give you the best value for money possible. Our specialised trays are designed and manufactured locally to support the SA economy. The plastic used in the manufacturing of the trays is recycled and recyclable, and also reusable for many years. Top shelf dishwasher safe so that you can clean them thoroughly, with ease. Conservatively speaking, the seed in this kit will enable you to grow upwards of 40 trays of Microgreens...Now that is value for money! No gimmicks here, just a good quality, locally produced kit to get you growing.

The Livingseeds Microgreens System contains the following:

4 Sprouting Trays (2 black and 2 green)

2 Clear trays/domes

4 Packs of Microgreens Seed

  • Daikon radish 200g
  • Cress 200g
  • Mustard 200g
  • Beetroot 70g

1.5kg of our special Germination Mix OR 4 x Buffered Coir Blocks (dependent on seasonal availability)

1 x PDF Instruction Manual (emailed)

With this kit you will be able to produce nutrient dense superfood in a matter of days. Your first harvest from this kit can be as quick as 5 days, but typically around 8-14 days.

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Livingseeds Microgreens System

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