The Livingseeds Plugmaster is a locally manufactured all steel construction. The sturdy design will give you many years of use, making beautiful open walled planting plugs every time.

The Plugmaster is 100% South African made with no parts imported from China.

Why open-wall planting plugs? 

Open-wall plugs are the answer to preventing transplant shock in your precious seedlings. The act of removing the seedling from its germination pot destroys all of the single-celled root hairs that are so important to the seedling’s well-being and nutrition. This is why the seedling normally has a setback on transplant. 

Planting in plugs helps to eliminate this. In addition to this, the plants will never become root-bound, and they will air-prune their roots, directing them to the interior of the plug.

The plant’s roots will not be trained to follow a set course and will immediately be able to extend directly into the adjacent soil. 

The plugs are 100% organic and if nothing germinates, then they are re-usable. Non-toxic, with no polystyrene or polluting plastics.

The perfect PlugMaster mix

40% Coir
30% Sifted compost
10% Manure
10% Vermiculite
10% Perlite

...or get the Germination Mix Base Pack!

There is logic behind this mix. 

The coir holds water and adds structure to the mix. The sifted compost serves as the initial plant food, along with the manure. The manure is also a natural root stimulant, increasing the activity of the seedling’s roots to give it a more robust start. Vermiculite is there to absorb water and store it. And finally, the perlite provides structure and aeration to the mix.

If you don’t want to make the mix yourself, or just need a small quantity, we do make our own Livingseeds Germination mix on our farm, which we supply through the website. We add a few extra things into the soil, like vermicompost and beneficial mycelium, which is why our soil is probably the best on the market. 

When making your own, you can tailor the mix and play with the last 3 ingredients as you see fit. However, try to keep the base mix as close as possible.

How to use your Livingseeds PlugMaster

The PlugMaster is a really simple tool to use, and you will find that just a little bit of practice will soon have you making great open-wall planting plugs. 

The mix is the most important aspect, as you need the right consistency to quickly push out your plugs. Our germination mix makes the perfect material, and two bags of germination mix and 1 part water is the ideal blend. You should aim for a porridge-like consistency that can be easily formed with the PlugMaster.

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Livingseeds PlugMaster

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