• Loofah European Vegetable Seeds

Loofah, Loofa or Luffa, whatever you want to call it it's an amazing plant. The flowers can be stuffed and fried and the young fruit can be eaten in stir fries. If you leave the fruit to ripen on the vine, you can grow your very own loofah's to use in the bath. Just leave the fruits to dry out completely on the vine and once the skin is 'crackling' dry, just peel the hard skin off, shake the seeds out and use. If you feel the need to blanch them, don’t use chemicals like the store bought ones. Rather bleach them with lemon juice and leave them in the sun. However we find that after one or two uses, the colour naturally fades. Plant with LOTS of compost and allow the 10-15 meter vines to grow off the ground.

Standard packet contains approx 15 seeds

Petite packet contains approx 5 seeds

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Loofah European

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