• Mealybug/Softscale Package IPM (Goggas)

This is a discounted combination of the 3 IPM's that target all stages of mealybug and soft-scale insects in their life-cycle.

These IPM's will provide protection eating the eggs and attacking all the larvae instars as well as adult mealybugs.

The package includes the following.

BioAnagyrus (250+ mummified wasps)

BioCryptolaemus (50+ Adult beetles)

BioPerminutus (1000+ mummified wasps)

The following mealybugs are controlled with this package

lanococcus and Pseudococcus spp, predominantly the following

Planococcus citri Citrus Mealybug

Pseudococcus maritimus Grape mealybug

Planococcus ficus Vine mealybug

Planococcus vovae Cypress mealybug

As well as the following mealybug species






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Mealybug/Softscale Package IPM (Goggas)

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