The Morama Bean aka Gemsbok Bean (Tylosema esculentum)

This is a completely astounding bean to add to your collection. Not because it's a bean, but because every part of the plant can be used, as a food, for man and beast, it's a milk substitute and the tuber which averages well over 10kgs is higher in protein than cassava and yams. This is a hidden gem and all it needs is an patient entrepreneur to breed a commercial variety.

Completely undomesticated, this long lived, perennial plant is a treasured bush food, well utilised by people in its natural distribution range.
It grows as a groundcover, with annual stems arising from a tuberous rootstock. Gorgeous yellow sprays of flowers are followed by pods with two or three large, hard “beans”.
Very easy to grow and fruit, the plants prefer to grow in full sun, and be kept dry in winter.
Both the tubers and the beans are edible, with the protein levels in the bean being comparable with commercial soy!
Beans can be roasted, made into flour or even used as a milk substitute!
The leaves of morama are palatable to stock, and can be used as a functional intercrop in agroforestry or in urban food forests.

  • Chip or nick seed coat before soaking overnight.
  • Seeds can be planted direct after soaking. Allow about 1.5 meters between plants.
  • Tubers are huge (up to 10 kilos), deep soil is best.
  • Do not plant with low growing companion crops. The vines will cover ground and smaller plants alike.
  • Prefers full sun, and dry winter conditions.
  • Can be grown in deep pots.

5 Seeds per packet

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Morama aka Gemsbok Bean Beans

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