• Parisian Pickling Cucumber Vegetable Seeds

Cucumis sativus

This French heirloom is a great little cucumber. A proper gherkin-type that is very reliable and productive and specifically grown for pickling. However nothing stops you from letting them grow on a bit and using them in salads.

Other Names: Improved Bourbonne, Long Green Parisian, Long Parisian, Paris Early Cluster Pickle, Paris Pickling, Parisian Prolific Pickling, and Cornichon vert petit de Paris.

Parisian Pickling has a long history, it was selected in the 1800's for the cooler northern climate of Paris when cucumbers became fashionable in the city, and when other “southern types” just couldn't crop reliably that far north. This little cucumber was used in the late 1800s for the manufacturing of gherkins (cornichons). First listed in America in 1892 by seedsman James J. H. Gregory of Marblehead, Massachusetts.

This cucumber had firm thick flesh and small inconspicuous seeds. The young fruits 'cornichons' are most commonly used for pickling/making gherkins. You can also let them grow bigger for slicing in salads. The skin is fine to eat up until a normal size, but would need peeling like any cucumber if you let it grow too large.

Requires full sun. Sow in trays or directly seed in well-drained soil, rich in compost and manure for quick consistent growth. Because plants take up a lot of space, it is best to grow them on a trellis at least 2m high. Carefully guide the frail vines up to prevent any damage, and pinch out the growing tips once the top is reached. Water regularly at the base to keep the leaves dry. Do not let the soil dry out as this might lead to flowers dropping. Pick regularly to promote continuous flowering, but also be careful when picking fruit because the plant is frail.

About 50( for Pickling)-70( for Slicing) days to maturity depending on how you use it.


Coastal Areas:            Sep-Nov, Jul-Feb

Inland Areas:               Sep-Des

Subtropical Areas:      Feb-Sep


Standard packet contains approx 15 seeds

Petite packet contains approx 5 seeds

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Parisian Pickling Cucumber Vegetable Seeds

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