• Pests & Diseases Workshop (On Farm)

Pests and Diseases are every gardeners nightmare, this course will cover everything you need to know to prevent and control pest & diseases organically.

With the amount of love, effort and finances one puts into a food garden, we want the best possible returns. This course will give you the knowledge and tools to fend of the hordes of pests that want to decimate your garden.

We show you how to do this using the best methods possible and as cheaply as possible.

Course date: 13th November  2021

In this full day course Sean will walk you through common and uncommon pests and diseases you might experience, prevention, control and more!

You will learn what to watch out for, how to prevent certain pests easily, why beneficial bugs are important, and easy methods of control that actually work.

8:00 Sharp - Farm Tour with Sean

9:00 - Course begins

10:30 - Tea and Coffee break

11:00 - Course continues

13:00 - Lunch break - Please bring a packed lunch

13:30 - Course continues

15:00 - End, Sean will be available for questions, etc.

This is the approximate end time for the course, as there is a lot to cover and we expect plenty of questions so it may run longer than expected.

The course will cover the following Pests and Diseases:



Tomato Bollworm

Red Spider Mites


Leaf Miner: Both Serpentine and Tuta

Mealybugs & Softscale


Pumpkin Fly

Slugs and Snails

Downy Mildew

Powdery Mildew

Blossom End Rot

Potato Ladybugs

Bagrada Bugs

False Codling Moths

Fall Army Worm

Maize Stalk Borer

Septoria Leaf Spot

Early Blight

Late Blight

Plant Viruses


In addition we cover the basics of Integrated Pest Management: The use of Traps and Lures, Beneficial insects, Beneficial Bacteria and Fungi as well as the use of organic pesticides and how to use them together for the best results.

This is a full day course and we highly recommend that you take copious notes and are prepared for an intensive day of learning.

There are only 30 slots available for the On-Farm course.

Included in this course is our guide on Pests & Diseases in Your Garden, as well as access to our online course option for you to re-watch the course (available for three complete views).

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Pests & Diseases Workshop (On Farm)

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