Seedling Butter King Lettuce Seedlings

Seedling Butter King Lettuce

Seedling Butter King Lettuce Seedlings.   The heads of this lettuce are heavy and relativ..

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Seedling Buttercrunch Lettuce Seedlings

Seedling Buttercrunch Lettuce

Seedling A stunning light green, soft but crisp lettuce. It is great to use as a base for salads ..

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Seedling California Wonder Seedlings

Seedling California Wonder

Seedling Heirloom. It is the standard Bell pepper. Most people have eaten a Cali Wonder at some t..

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Seedling Carl Pepperdew Seedlings

Seedling Carl Pepperdew

Seedling This is a lovely, knee high, productive bush. Fruits are slightly larger than your 'typi..

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Seedling Caserta Marrow Squash Seedlings

Seedling Caserta Marrow Squash

Seedling Caserta Marrows are a highly productive marrow. Tasty eaten young even before the flower..

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Seedling Cherokee Purple Tomato Seedlings

Seedling Cherokee Purple Tomato

Seedling Cherokee Purple is a big tomato with a great flavour, typical of the "black tomatoes". I..

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Seedling Chocolate Habanero Seedlings

Seedling Chocolate Habanero

Seedling A superb chilli for the habanero fan. The flavour is sublime and VERY intense. A long se..

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Seedling Cinnamon Basil Seedlings

Seedling Cinnamon Basil

Ocimum basilicum A speciality basil that is very popular in egg and meat based dishes, as well as..

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Seedling Clemson Spineless Okra Seedlings

Seedling Clemson Spineless Okra

Seedling Okra is a traditional east african vegetable. Originally grown in Ethiopia and Egypt, th..

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Seedling Coriander Cilantro Seedlings

Seedling Coriander Cilantro

Seedling Coriander Cilantro   This is a variety named Cilantro, best used as a herb for l..

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Seedling Coustralee Tomato Seedlings

Seedling Coustralee Tomato

Seedling Beautiful, big, red, beefsteak type tomatoes. The plant tends to ramble a bit so you wil..

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Seedling Cream of Saskatchewan September

Seedling Cream of Saskatchewan

Seedling Citrullus lunatus A Livingseeds field staff favourite. These watermelons have an unus..

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Seedling Crnkovic Yugoslavian Seedlings

Seedling Crnkovic Yugoslavian

Seedling A big, tasty, Eastern European, beefsteak type tomato that produces a large proportion o..

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Seedling Giant II Seedlings

Seedling Giant II

Seedling A large, well-shaped, meaty tomato that bears tremendously. It has great flavour and is ..

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Seedling Golden California Wonder Seedlings

Seedling Golden California Wonder

Seedling We all know the Red version of this awesome sweet pepper. We are very proud to have this..

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Seedling Golden Zucchini Seedlings

Seedling Golden Zucchini

Seedling A superb, highly productive bush squash. These small compact bushes produce from 10-12 w..

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Seedling Green Giant Seedlings

Seedling Green Giant

Seedling The Green Giant is just that, a big green tomato with a great flavour. It is possibly on..

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Seedling Jade Okra Seedlings

Seedling Jade Okra

Seedling Abelmoschus esculentus Great new OP variety developed by the University of Arkansas s..

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Seedling Japanese Kamo Brinjal Seedlings

Seedling Japanese Kamo Brinjal

Seedling This is a real treat, we have grown these seeds for a number of years for our own consum..

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Seedling Licorice Basil Seedlings

Seedling Licorice Basil

Ocimum basilicum Licorice basil is a modern variant of Thai Basil, it's also known as Anise Bas..

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