Salad Bowl Green Lettuce

Salad Bowl Green

Lactuca sativa A prize winner since 1952, Salad Bowl Green is well known for its consiste..

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Salad Bowl Red Lettuce

Salad Bowl Red

Lactuca sativa A prize winner since 1952, Salad Bowl Red is well known for its consistent..

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Salad Burnet Herb Seed

Salad Burnet

Sanguisorba minor Salad Burnet is a herb that is also a member of the rose family. The leaves are..

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Salad Variety Pack

Salad Variety Pack

The Salad Variety Pack is a selecton of delicious, healthy and nutritious salad ingredients. No more..

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San Marzano Paste

San Marzano Paste

Solanum lycopersicum One of the best flavoured paste tomatoes. It has abundant vines that pro..

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San Marzano Redorta

San Marzano Redorta

Solanum lycopersicum A stunning paste tomato that is over twice the size of a regular San Mar..

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Santa Clara Sauce Tomato

Santa Clara Sauce Tomato

When I first cut this tomato open i was very dissapointed, the flesh was loose, it broke easily and ..

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Santo Slow Bolt Coriander Herb Seed

Santo Slow Bolt Coriander

Coriandrum sativum Santo Slow Bolt is a lovely coriander variety for those looking for a regu..

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Santorini Tomato Tomatoes

Santorini Tomato

Solanum lycopersicumA beautiful tomato from the Santorini Island in Greece.The fruits are red, small..

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Scaly Bark January

Scaly Bark

Citrullus lunatus A very old US heirloom variety first listed in 1885. A unique looking water..

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Scatalone Tomatoes


Solanum lycopersicumA San-Marzano type paste tomato from Lazio,Italy.This tomato is larger than the ..

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Scorzonera (Black Salsify) Vegetable Seeds

Scorzonera (Black Salsify)

Scorzonera hispanica A truely unique vegetable. This has a unique flavour all on it's own. Tradit..

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Seedling Ailsa Craig August

Seedling Ailsa Craig

SeedlingAn extremely well known British tomato that hails from 1925. It has a rich history in many..

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Seedling Amarillo Lunga Brinjal August

Seedling Amarillo Lunga Brinjal

Seedling Oh WOW!! This has to be our #1 brinjal of the season. Everyone raved about it. It's a bi..

R7.85 Ex Tax: R7.85

Seedling Amish Deer Tongue Red Lettuce January

Seedling Amish Deer Tongue Red Lettuce

Seedling As the name suggests, this is an old Amish lettuce variety that really stands out. Point..

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Seedling Beit Alpha Cucmber January

Seedling Beit Alpha Cucmber

Seedling These are becoming more and more popular in the South African supermarlets, Beit Alpha i..

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Seedling Bennings Green Tint Squash Seedlings

Seedling Bennings Green Tint Squash

Seedling A beautiful pale green to white “patty pan”. This plant produces high yields of squash i..

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Seedling Bill's Breeder January

Seedling Bill's Breeder

Seedling The surprise of the 2013/14 growing season. This tomato won the “Nicest Tasting Tomato i..

R6.85 Ex Tax: R6.85

Seedling Black Seeded Simpson January

Seedling Black Seeded Simpson

Seedling Stunning 160 year old lettuce variety. Lovely, large, bright green, ruffled leaves. This..

R5.25 Ex Tax: R5.25

Seedling Blonde de Paris January

Seedling Blonde de Paris

Seedling Batavian heading lettuce. Good yields of crisp, light coloured heads. Does require a coo..

R5.25 Ex Tax: R5.25

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