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Biogrow Neudosan 250ml Garden Accessories

Biogrow Neudosan 250ml

A natural organic contact insecticide that blocks pores and irritates soft-bodied insects.  Neu..

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Biogrow Pyrol 250ml Garden Accessories

Biogrow Pyrol 250ml

Pyrol is a certified organic broad spectrum contact insecticide that kills all stages of insects.&nb..

R187.82 Ex Tax: R187.82

Ocean-Fert 250ml Garden Accessories

Ocean-Fert 250ml

Ocean-fert is an excellent soil and plant food, a hightly effective liquid organic fertilizer. This ..

R50.24 Ex Tax: R50.24

Sea-Boost 250ml Garden Accessories

Sea-Boost 250ml

Sea-Boost is a conbination of Ocean-Fert (fish emulsion) and Kelp (sea plants). This is a multiple l..

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