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Cream of Saskatchewan August

Cream of Saskatchewan

Citrullus lunatus A Livingseeds field staff favourite. These watermelons have an unusual crea..

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Hopi Yellow August

Hopi Yellow

Citrullus lanatus A nice bright yellow, medium sized watermelon, traditionally grown by the H..

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Kolb Gem August

Kolb Gem

Citrullus lanatus Looking to grow a huge watermelon? Then try this one. Also known as America..

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Missouri Yellow Flesh August

Missouri Yellow Flesh

Citrullus lunatus A rare watermelon variety that is sure to please the connoisseur. This ligh..

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Moon and Stars Red August

Moon and Stars Red

Citrullus lunatus An exciting watermelon that was almost lost to home gardeners. This is one ..

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Moon and Stars Yellow August

Moon and Stars Yellow

Citrullus lanatus Introduced in 1925 this exceptional watermelon is fast becoming one of the ..

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Scaly Bark August

Scaly Bark

Citrullus lunatus A very old US heirloom variety first listed in 1885. A unique looking water..

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