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Aphid / Mite / Whitefly Package IPM (Goggas)

Aphid / Mite / Whitefly Package

A targeted selection of both pest predators and parasitoids for the most common pest species.BioSwir..

R659.36 Ex Tax: R573.36

Aphid and Whitefly trap (Single)

Aphid and Whitefly : Trap System

Yellow Aphid card with UC counting grid + non-toxic glue These cards are a very cost effe..

R143.26 Ex Tax: R143.26

Aphid Card (Single)

Aphid Card (Single)

These cards are a very cost effective way to monitor and assist in the monitoring and control o..

R57.04 Ex Tax: R57.04

Aphid Cards (5's)

Aphid Cards (5's)

These cards are a very cost effective way to monitor and assist in the monitoring and control o..

R314.24 Ex Tax: R273.25

BioAnagyrus IPM (Goggas)


Target Pests:Planococcus and Pseudococcus spp, predominantly the followingPlanococcus citri Citrus M..

R701.73 Ex Tax: R610.20

BioAphidius IPM (Goggas)


WATCH: How to release the BioAphidius wasp.Target Pests:Primarily the following Myzus persicae Green..

R243.64 Ex Tax: R211.86

BioCryptolaemus IPM (Goggas)


Target Pests:Primarily Mealybug species from the following families.AleyrodidaeAphididae Coccoidea P..

R569.96 Ex Tax: R495.62

BioDiglyphus IPM (Goggas)


Target Pests:This wasp targets Tuta absoluta and  9 species of Liriomyza spp  leafmin..

R1,602.93 Ex Tax: R1,393.85

BioNesdiocoris IPM (Goggas)


Target Pests:A generalist predator of the following pests.Tuta absoluta Eggs and larvae of the leaf ..

R1,883.52 Ex Tax: R1,637.84

BioPerminutus IPM (Goggas)


Target Pests:Planococcus citri Citrus mealybugPlanococcus ficus Vine mealybug Specific parasitoid of..

R147.61 Ex Tax: R128.36

BioPersimilis IPM (Goggas)


Target Pests:Tetranychus urticae Two-spotted or Red spidermite Tetranychus cinnabarinus Carmine spid..

R455.47 Ex Tax: R396.06

BioSwirskii IPM (Goggas)


WATCH: How to release BioSwirskii mites.Target Pests:Bemisia tabaci, Sweet potato whitefly  Tri..

R85.15 Ex Tax: R74.04

Cutworm, Tomato Bollworm and Tomato Semi Looper

Cutworm, Tomato Bollworm and Tomato Semi Looper : Trap System

Yellow Funnel Trap + Pherolure Another outstanding cost effective long-term pheromone based ..

R415.64 Ex Tax: R415.64


Fall Army Worm : Trap System

Yellow Funnel Trap + FAW Pherolure  This lure is effective for 4-5 weeks from placement...

R415.64 Ex Tax: R415.64

False Codling Moth

False Codling Moth : Trap System

Delta Trap + 2 x Sticky Liners + FCM Pherolure False Codling Moths are a major pest of o..

R270.61 Ex Tax: R270.61

Fruit Fly Trap

Fruit Fly : Trap System

McPhail Trap + Pherolure This is a very effective pheromone based trap that lasts 20 weeks (..

R367.89 Ex Tax: R367.89

McPhail Trap

McPhail Trap : Trap Only

The McPhail Trap is used around the world to monitor fruit flies in area wide monitoring programs,..

R124.49 Ex Tax: R108.25

Mealybug/Softscale Package IPM (Goggas)

Mealybug/Softscale Package

This is a discounted combination of the 3 IPM's that target all stages of mealybug and soft-scale in..

R1,249.04 Ex Tax: R1,086.12

Pests and Diseases in the Garden Vegetable Seeds

Pests and Diseases in your Garden

A superb guide on the most common pests and diseases that you will experience in your veggie garden...

R69.00 Ex Tax: R60.00

Pherolure Cutworm-Bollworm-Looper (1)

Pherolure Cutworm-Bollworm-Looper (1)

Pheromone base lure that attracts the males effectively removing them from the breeding population.T..

R128.79 Ex Tax: R111.99


R0.00 Ex Tax: R0.00

True Black Brandywine Tomatoes

True Black Brandywine

Solanum lycopersicumBrandywine tomatoes are world famous with regards to flavour, and their immense ..

R26.00 Ex Tax: R26.00

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