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Aphid / Mite / Whitefly Package IPM (Goggas)

Aphid / Mite / Whitefly Package

A targeted selection of both pest predators and parasitoids for the most common pest species.BioSwir..

R573.36 Ex Tax: R573.36

BioAnagyrus IPM (Goggas)


Target Pests:Planococcus and Pseudococcus spp, predominantly the followingPlanococcus citri Citrus M..

R564.07 Ex Tax: R564.07

BioAphidius IPM (Goggas)


Target Pests:Primarily the following Myzus persicae Green peach aphidMyzus nicotianae Tobacco aphidA..

R211.86 Ex Tax: R211.86

BioCryptolaemus IPM (Goggas)


Target Pests:Primarily Mealybug species from the following families.AleyrodidaeAphididae Coccoidea P..

R287.54 Ex Tax: R287.54

BioDiglyphus IPM (Goggas)


Target Pests:This wasp specifically targets 9 species of Liriomyza spp  leafminers on a br..

R1,393.85 Ex Tax: R1,393.85

BioNesdiocoris IPM (Goggas)


Target Pests:A generalist predator of the following pests.Tuta absoluta Eggs and larvae of the leaf ..

R1,637.84 Ex Tax: R1,637.84

BioOrius IPM (Goggas)


Target Pests:Frankliniella occidentalis Western flower thrips is the main target species.However wil..

R1,436.19 Ex Tax: R1,436.19

BioPerminutus IPM (Goggas)


Target Pests:Planococcus citri Citrus mealybugPlanococcus ficus Vine mealybug Specific parasitoid of..

R128.36 Ex Tax: R128.36

BioPersimilis IPM (Goggas)


Target Pests:Tetranychus urticae Two-spotted or Red spidermite Tetranychus cinnabarinus Carmine spid..

R451.51 Ex Tax: R396.06

BioSwirskii IPM (Goggas)


Target Pests:Bemisia tabaci, Sweet potato whitefly  Trialeurodes vaporariprum, Greenhouse white..

R74.04 Ex Tax: R74.04

Mealybug/Softscale Package IPM (Goggas)

Mealybug/Softscale Package

This is a discounted combination of the 3 IPM's that target all stages of mealybug and soft-scale in..

R666.38 R832.98 Ex Tax: R666.38

Spider Mite Eliminator IPM (Goggas)

Spider Mite Eliminator

Spidermites can be one of the most destructive and rapidly spreading pests in your veggie garden.Eff..

R357.36 R446.71 Ex Tax: R357.36


R0.00 Ex Tax: R0.00

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