Finally we have a solution for Pumpkin Fly!

This is a bait lure specifically for fruit fly and it has not been registered as a pumpkin fly bait lure.
However with months of trials we finally have this cracked.

Typically these lures are put into a trap and hung at 1.5 -1.8m high. With out trials we tried them in a number of different locations.
We finally found that if these lures are installed in a McPhail trap and hung 30-40cm above the ground they will start to work extraordinarily well.

These lure do not work on a pheromone, instead they are a bait lure that attracts the female flies that are looking to feed on a high protein meal to produce extra eggs.
This effectively removes the damage causing females from your garden, which is exactly what you are looking to do.

We believe that we are the very first to actually crack this method of trapping pumpkin fly.

Please note that the reason that this works is the bottom entry on the McPhail trap, side or top entry traps are not as effective in catching pumpkin fly with this method.

Please read the instructions that come with the trap.

1x Biolure

1 x McPhail trap

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Pumpkin Fly : Trap System Insect Traps & Lures

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