• Queensland Blue Pumpkins

Cucurbita maxima

This favourite Australian heirloom is a strange looking top heavy pumpkin that grows on strong productive vines. It is well adapted to South African conditions and is a very good storage pumpkin that will keep for 6 months or more, once dried off properly. The Blue is an Iron bark, which means you need to put some effort into obtaining the sweet flesh, it is however absolutely worth the effort!

Other Names: Beaudesert Blue

The Beaudesert Blue has evolved from a cross between its ancestors, the Crown, Ironbark and Button pumpkins. As the name suggests it is believed to have been developed in the Beaudesert area around 1910-1915, at about the same time as the three lobed Triamble pumpkin. The introduction of these two pumpkins coincided with a culinary burst of inventiveness in Australia, and up until today it has remained a favourite in Australia and elsewhere.

It has achieved popularity because of its general suitability for commercial purposes. The size, mostly 7lb-8lb in weight, the firm orange-coloured flesh and the excellent cooking and keeping qualities of the variety have appealed to grower and consumer alike” - Sydney Morning Herald, 31 May 1938

The effort of cutting through the hard ironbark skin to reach the lovely, dense, full-flavoured golden orange flesh is definitely worth it. This all-round pumpkin can be used for pretty much everything including fritters, soups, bread, pies, bread, pancakes, scones, etc. One of the best ways to enjoy it is to cut it, with the skin on, into chunks, and then baking it in the oven.

Pumpkins are a warm season crop that shout only be planted in spring and early summer. Queensland Blue is best directly seeded as they do not like their roots disturbed. Plant in full sun, about two weeks after the last frost in spring. Dig in lots of organic matter for this heavy feeder. If you can spare a compost heap you will be handsomely repaid. Keep moist, but do not overwater. Pick after the stems have dried for best keeping. About 110-140 days to maturity


Coastal Areas:            Sep-Nov

Inland Areas:               Sep-Dec

Subtropical Areas:      Feb-Aug


Approximately 10 Seeds

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Queensland Blue Pumpkins

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