• Rotondo Rosa

Solanum melongena

This is the brinjal that changed my mind on the brinjal subject. For years my father tried many, many brinjal recipies to get us kids (me and my sister then) to eat them and much to his frustration we flatly refused. It even got so bad that on medical records I would write that I was allergic to brinjals. In the words of the man who gave the seeds to me. Bill Kerr said, "It's not much to look at but WOW the flavor is outstanding". Bill is an expert seedsman supplying many farmers in South Africa and abroad with seed. If he rates this brinjal it really is worth growing. Brinjals are a long season crop that require pampering as seed (they only germinate at above 18 deg C and) and the plants will handsomly repay rich soil. We now use them in meals on a regular basis, but we find that they have an amazing ability to stretch mince based meals. Just dice them up and add to your mince.

Standard packet contains approx 25 seeds

Petite packet contains approx 10 seeds

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Rotondo Rosa

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