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This is an absolute first in South African gardening history.

Livingseeds has secured a source of Saffron corms that have been temperature treated to flower within 8 weeks of you receiving them.

Saffron corms are notoriously difficult to get to flower, especially when they are supplied at the incorrect time of the year, which is typically what happens in South Africa.

Indoor commercial saffron growers have a secret method of temperature treating dormant saffron corms to almost guarantee a flower harvest within weeks of treatment.
Livingseeds has access to these special corms and it literally is the easiest way for you to harvest your own saffron right in your kitchen! You don't even need to plant them!!

Saffron is the new rage for both small and large scale farmers, and now you can harvest your own saffron, grown in your own home with literally minimal effort.

Livingseeds supplies these prepped corms and all you need to do is put them into a sunny windowsill.
We put them in a wine glass or even a champagne glass for a slightly more elegant look.
And that is it, nothing else needs to be done, the corm will sprout and flower in your windowsill and you just need to harvest your own saffron spice.

Please do NOT water these corms, as they will rot in the glass if you do.

Once the corm has flowered, plant it into loose well drained soil 10-15cm deep and allow it to grow out, it will create daughter corms and in the following autumn you get to pick more home grown saffron spice.

Saffron need minimal water, and a well drained friable soil that is slightly sandy with good drainage for the best success. Any water-logging will spell disaster.

Potted saffron will also do well, however you are looking for a pot that is at least 20cm deep to allow the roots to expand and grow.

Soil grown saffron should be lifted and divided every 3-4 years and potted saffron every 2 years.

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Saffron Corms

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